Our Story

Ballooning Nest Eggs was founded by a devoted aunt and digital media executive who noticed an opportunity. So many friends and family – from the moment their youngsters enter the world – seek to secure their financial futures. Yet they mostly all seem to be going it alone by squirreling away paychecks into various investments. And, oh yes, often counting on (and secretly praying) the grandparents were doing the same. 

Our founder recognized that all the celebrations in youngsters' lives offer a myriad of opportunities for their biggest champions – family and friends who adore those kids – to pitch in. Yet most are standing on the sidelines because asking for, and even giving, financial gifts can make even the most socially-conscious adults cringe. 

Ballooning Nest Eggs transforms financial gifting by providing parents with a thoroughly tasteful and modern way to corral their "personal village" and together to reach a meaningful common goal: securing and growing kids' long-term wealth. We're the first platform to truly "take the funny out money" and turn the awwwkward into memorable awww moments for everyone. 

Our Team 

Amy Moses, CEO and Founder

Amy has spent over 20 years in media and entertainment at the intersection of consumer engagement and revenue optimization.  Before this venture, she founded a boutique business development firm focused on driving incremental revenue for major TV networks and digital brands. 

Amy also headed up Turner Broadcasting’s largest ad sales marketing and sponsorship department (TBS), increasing annual revenue 25-fold to over $200 million annually. While there, she pioneered a branded entertainment model that today remains an industry standard. 

Amy is the doting aunt to five spirited nieces and nephews. She seeks to inspire them to one day take the leap into the madcap startup world. 

MBA, Columbia Business School; BA, Cornell University

Warren Habib, Acting CTO 

Warren has been working with technology for over 25 years and in digital startups since the late 1990s. He has been CTO for four innovative tech startups (Everplans, XGraph, Fotolog, Solbright), three with highly successful exits. From 2008 to 2011, Warren was SVP, head of Online Platform Development, at MTV Networks, overseeing more than 400 websites and apps.

MA, Columbia University; BA, Stanford University

Kivanc Onan, COO

Kivanc is an accomplished international strategy and business development leader with cross-functional know-how and hands-on experience in go-to-market, scaling and full P&L ownership of financial services and payments products across multiple markets. Until recently, he was Managing Director and General Manager at PayPal for Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa, leading the company’s expansion into the region. Previously he was Director of Business Transformation at American Express.

MBA, Columbia Business School; B Eng, Istanbul Technical University 

Kent Wallgren, Project Management – App Development

Kent has an extensive background delivering complex cross-functional technology projects in wealth management and digital transformation for top-tier global financial services firms and startups, including robo-advisors and payments/remittances with Bitcoin. He's immersed in UBS’ launch of its robo-advisory platform. At Morgan Stanley, Kent focused on branch applications for client/account onboarding and financial advisor workstations.

MBA, MIT Sloan School of Management; MS, Chalmers University of Technology

Diana Garbarino, Beta Testing and QA – App Development

Diana excels at developing quality software products and user experiences from the ground up, from ideation to delivery. For the past 15 years, she’s focused on software quality testing and project/team management process at large market companies (e.g., Verizon, Philips, and Harmonic) and numerous start-ups. Verticals include Video OTT Solutions, Television Broadcast Automation Solutions, Baby Tech Smart devices and SMS/MMS marketing campaigns. Double black-belt in web development technologies at the Coding Dojo.

BA, University of Louisiana at Lafayette; UC, Santa Cruz (software engineering  courses)

Board of Advisors 

Bernard Chen

Financial Services - Strategy and Operations

Bernie co-founded and runs Madison Consulting, a boutique firm specializing in operations, innovation and risk management for leading financial firms, such as Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, UBS and Morgan Stanley. Before that, Bernie held strategic positions in Global Investment Management and Retirement Services for Bankers Trust. MBA, Columbia Business School (full scholarship); BS and MS in Engineering, MIT

Philip Farah 

FinTech Innovation and Operations 

Until  recently, Philip headed up Cisco’s global financial services consulting  practice to optimize and transform the tech-based performance of leading  financial firms. Currently, he is head of Financial Services Consulting  for Worldwide Technology. Previously, he was a Senior Managing Partner  at Gartner, Director at Capital One Financial and a consultant at  McKinsey.

Howard Greenstein  

Startup Operations and Digital Communications  

Howard is an  operations and marketing technology specialist for companies and  non-profits seeking to scale and ramp up their online communities,  social and content. He runs the Harbooke Group and teaches at Columbia  University. Previously, Howard was the COO of Domainskate.com, a digital  services company that helps businesses protect their brands online.Until  recently, 

Ken Jackowitz   

FinTech Innovation   

Ken is  a leader in consumer-facing tech innovation in the Financial Services  sector. He formerly served as SVP, Head of Customer Innovation, for Bank  of America and Merrill Lynch, where he covered all brands and channels  within the firm. Currently, Ken is Executive in Residence/Research  Affiliate at the Center for Future Banking at the MIT Media Lab.

Nate Landau     

Tech Product Development    

Nate has  extensive product development and General Manager experience at numerous  NYC-based media companies and startups. Currently he’s Chief Digital  Officer at New York Public Radio. He co-founded and sold the acclaimed  FoodRepublic.com, a content site for adventurous, discerning and  passionate eaters. Nate was also Vice President of Product Development  for Univision, responsible for all digital and interactive products.

Doug Raymond      

Payments and Operations   

Doug  has spent his career at the forefront of the payments industry. Until  recently, he was Group Head of Global Products for all retail and cash  programs at MasterCard (international and US), where he spent 23 years.  Currently Doug is President of Medsis Payment and Financial Services  group, responsible for payment solution strategies, card network  partnerships, mobile, digital and crypto-currency payment options.  Previously, he ran global markets operations and business development  for Mozido.