The first financial gifting platform for kids to truly "take the funny out of money."

Turns the awwwkward ask for monetary gifts into memorable awww moments for everyone.

Finally, a far more tasteful, personal, convenient and dare we say fun way to gift money to the kids we adore...and build their nest eggs.

Corral your personal village. They’re rooting for your kids.

You’d love cash gifts for your kids’ slew of celebrations. Family and friends would love to pitch in. What’s stopping it from happening? Money is funny. Until now, suggesting gifts of cash has been a wee bit awkward, even for close family.

So many occasions to celebrate your little and big “squirts,” and nurture their nest eggs.

Lindsay and Sam’s besties get a jump on building a nest egg for new baby Noah. Aunt Natalie celebrates Lila’s soccer win with a small gift while Grandma gifts a bigger amount “just because.” And Sam’s friends pile on contributions for his 8th birthday.


Selected to demo live on-stage at the world's

premiere FinTech innovation conference


Share childhood celebrations and graciously introduce gifting.

Party invites, birth announcements and grin-worthy updates subtly put gifting on the radar of friends and family.

Your “village” celebrates those events by growing their nest eggs.

Gift right from social posts and cards in a few clicks.

 We announce each gift with delightful cards. 

Your kids are now on the path to financial awesomeness.

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